Vancouver-based software company TSO Logic says it energy efficiency software can help data centres cut their energy expenses in half

TSO Metrics and TSO Power Control use application level inspection capabilities to determine exactly how much a data centre’s power draw is being used for revenue-generating activities versus idle servers.
This insight, according to Aaron Rallo, CEO and founder of TSO, allows users to manage cut or increase server use based on application demand.
“Most data centres leave all their servers on all the time, regardless of actual demand,” he said. “That’s like leaving your car running all day just in case you have to drive somewhere.”
As much as 65 per cent of energy used by an average data centre is wasted on idel servers, he said.

TSO Logic calls its approach “application-aware power management.”

The company’s TSO Metrics and TSO Power solutions, which were formally launched yesterday, are already being used in more than 2,200 enterprise servers owned by TSO’s customers. The company said the software helped these firms save more than 50 per cent on power server cost.

TSO’s two software toolsets are deployed together in one install, typically on a single dedicated server.

TSO Metrics provides administrators with visibility in application workload, performance, wasted energy and untapped cost savings. TSO Power Control uses the data generated by TSO Metrics to control power to the servers while ensuring that the application workload is adequately supported.

Data is displayed to administrators in a single screen. There are controls that enable administrators to determine which servers will be monitored, what days and times those servers will be managed and how aggressively energy should be saved.


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