Sleepycat Software Inc. on Wednesday will begin shipping Berkeley DB Java Edition, a Java version of its embedded database.

Intended for software developers building high-performance applications in which the user does not have to deal with the database, the product is a Java version of the company’s C-based Berkeley DB offering.

“It is our observation that Java is more and more important as a big systems language,” said Mike Olson, CEO of Sleepycat. Berkeley DB has been used in applications such as equity trading systems and in devices, Olson said.

Berkeley DB Java Edition offers ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions and recovery for high reliability, record-level locking for high concurrency and schema neutrality for data storage in its native format, according to Sleepycat. It features the same storage services as the Berkeley DB engine, but was redesigned in Java to take advantage of Java’s portability and services such as deeply integrated threading and NIO (New IO), the company said. Berkeley DB Java Edition includes full source code for integration and debugging.

According to a prepared statement from an official with the Apache Directory Project, Berkeley DB Java Edition will become the de-facto standard Java API for manipulating BTree databases. The Apache Directory Project is basing its Eve Directory Server on back-ends using the database.

Berkeley DB Java Edition is available either through an open source or commercial license, with commercial license fees starting at US$30,000 for a single-user, proprietary application.

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