Ookla announces video speed test for Android

Phone screen while waiting for youtube to buffer.
Source: Pexels

Internet analytics company Ookla has expanded its Speedtest internet performance tool to include video quality for Android devices.

The test, which has been available for iOS since February, now appears as a new tab in Ookla’s Android app. Once initiated, it plays a short video at various bitrates to simulate an average streaming workload. Then, the test gradually increases the video resolution until the test fails to complete in a “reasonable amount of time” or hits 4K.

Following the test, the app will show a summary of the device’s resolution, load time and buffering metrics. The results are stored to provide a historical overview of network performance changes. The report will also provide recommendations for which type of device the network can adequately stream through.

An example of Ookla's video speed recommendations.
The video speed test shows a general recommendation of what devices will work with the current network speeds.

Performing an internet speed test benefits more than just the tester. In addition to confirming that the network performance is as advertised, the data also helps to set an average baseline within the region. Ookla publishes the findings on its Speedtest Global Index. And while the video component currently does not appear as a part of the report, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it featured soon.


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