In a recent poll of businesses, 26 per cent of respondents said they had done next to nothing to make their IT systems more environmentally friendly.

The survey, commissioned by the Evaluation Centre, was conducted by Amersham, England-based PMP Research.

Sixteen per cent of respondents claimed to be “very actively” pursuing environmental improvements and a further 14 per cent characterized themselves as “actively” looking to green their IT.

For those businesses that have engaged with the need to green, the survey found that organizations are hitting problems with their physical data center environment as they try to re-engineer their IT infrastructure. The key constraints are lack of available space for new infrastructure, cited by 44 per cent of respondents, coupled with a shortage of power capacity, mentioned by 38 per cent.

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The need to reduce heating and cooling requirements is also an issue for 40 per cent of respondents, while 22 per cent mention the high cost of property as a limiting factor.

The survey also suggests that centralizing the IT function is also gaining momentum, with 34 per cent of companies already having a fully centralized IT environment and a further 48 per cent moving in this direction. The key drivers are to save costs, improve efficiency and provide a more secure environment.