More noteworthy cybersecurity news stories from 2020

Data breach notification in Canada

Following up on my year-end review of 2020 story, here are some of the biggest cybersecurity-related news stories of 2020 I couldn’t squeeze into that piece. Most are Canadian, but some are of enough significance that they are included here. The list might have been longer but a number of companies whose names were posted by ransomware groups refused to confirm if they were hit and their data copied:

Other Canadian organizations we wrote about in connection with incidents included Bird Construction, the government of Prince Edward Island;  the B.C. district of Squamish, the Telus-owned wireless carrier Koodo; Ontario retailer the Beer Store;  the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada ; Brookfield Residential Properties; the College of Nurses of Ontario; Ottawa-based e-commerce platform Shopify; steel manufacturer Stelco; post-secondary institute Saskatchewan Polytechnc;  the city of Saint John, N.B.; and Calgary energy firm Parkland.


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