McAfee Inc. said on Monday that it is releasing a new version of its E-Business Server data encryption software that it claims will make it easier for companies to encrypt data sent outside their networks, to business partners or remote offices.

E-Business Server 8.0 has new management features that will allow large companies to remotely manage multiple E-Business deployments from a single interface. An updated GUI (graphical user interface) in the new version of E-Business Server will also simplify configuration for smaller companies, McAfee said in a statement.

E-Business Server allows companies to secure communications and data transfers from network applications using 128-bit PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption. Developers can build E-Business Server encryption features into proprietary or third-party applications using E-Business Server Application Program Interfaces (APIs), or link encryption services to network scripts or batch processes that they run.

A separate E-Business Client allows end users to encrypt, sign and decrypt sensitive information using a “drag and drop” interface, before sending it along to the E-Business Server.

The new product will make it easier for companies to comply with regulations governing data security, McAfee said.

McAfee E-Business Server 8.0 is available immediately from McAfee and its partners, the company said.