In an effort to speed the deployment of wireless networks within small and mid-sized businesses, IBM Corp. here on Tuesday unveiled four bundled wireless starter kits at the TechXNY trade show.

The plan is to make it fast and simple for smaller companies with limited IT staff to deploy wireless 802.11 LANs, according to Big Blue officials. Wireless computer networks can allow organization to forego hard-wiring network, creating a shorter path toward productivity, according to industry experts.

IBM now offers four wireless starter kits for a range of smaller businesses, including a base Starter Kit, an Intermediate Kit, an Advanced Kit, and a Total Kit.

The Starter Kit bundles together two IBM ThinkPad notebooks each with integrated wireless technology. A wireless gateway that serves as the go-between for the two notebooks is also included.

The Intermediate Kit is designed for companies with existing IT infrastructures, according to Big Blue. It offers the same hardware as the Starter Kit but includes two wireless adapter cards to link two other computers into the wireless LAN.

For mid-sized businesses with multiple departments, IBM offers an Advanced Kit for wireless LANs. This bundle delivers three wireless ThinkPads, two access points, and four wireless adapter cards.

The Total Kit offers five wireless ThinkPads, three access points, five wireless adapter cards and a LAN server, according to IBM.

IBM will also provide installation services and training for customers looking to take advantage of the new wireless starter kits.