The federal government last month announced an investment of $4.5 million for a series of projects from the Software Human Resource Council (SHRC), all funded under the Sector Council Program. Seven programs will share this round of funding, including:

Canadian IT Awareness Web site ($313,113); Connecting the Community ($386,000); the Development of HR Strategy for Hardware ($99,500); Infrastructure ($1,800,750); Occupational Skills Profile Model (OSPM) Maintenance Model and Communications ($750,000); Certification Feasibility Study ($228,319); and Information Technology Support Associate ($971,507).

The Sector Council Program was also awarded approximately $37 million for 31 projects by Minister of Human Resources Joe Volpe earlier in March. Sector Councils are organizations comprised of labour, business and educational stakeholders in certain industries, enabling them to communicate about skills and human resources issues. There is currently a total of 29 sector councils, covering industries such as mining, textiles and biotechnology.