In a blog post, Google has announced that the Call Screen feature is now available for select Canadian Google Pixel phone owners.

Call Screen is designed to provide a better alternative to simply declining a call from an unknown number. When a user receives a call from an unidentified number, the Google Phone app will display a “Screen Call” button, which uses the Google Assistant to fish out more details about the caller. As it communicates with the caller, Assistant would display a transcription of the conversation in real-time.

The release isn’t a surprise; Google announced Call Screen during its “Made by Google 2018” event back in October. AI assistance was a strong selling point for the Pixel phones, and Call Screening was one of the key features Google had demonstrated on-stage to amplify its impact.

The select lucky few should find an update for the Phone app in the Google Play Store. Users can also manually sign up for the beta version here. Both the Pixel 2/XL and Pixel 3/XL phones are eligible for the beta.