Everyone wants more competition among Internet providers, in the hopes that it will lower subscriber cost. So there were cheers in Kansas City when Google Inc. waved a big wad of money a year ago and said it would bring a fibre optic network boasting 1 Gbps download and upload speeds.
Well, last week pricing was announced, construction is about to begin and actual connectivity expected around 12 months from now. This article from PC World evaluates the good and the bad, will give you an idea of whether you want Google Canada to do the same in your neighborhood.
First, the cost: US$70 a month for Internet alone, plus a US$300 connectivity fee — waived if you sign up for two years — or $120 a month for Internet plus TV, and again the $300 fee business. And NO download caps. You read that right.
On the other hand, do you need 1 Gpbs? Assuming Google came to your Canuck door today, could you wait a year?

By the way, if you live in Vancouver, Shaw Communications offers 250 Gbps download for $110 a month (plus $98 for a Wi-Fi modem); in Toronto, Rogers Communications offers 75 Mbps for $99 a month (plus modem), and in Quebec City Videotron offers 120 Mbps starting at $150 a month (if you take another service). There are download limits on all three; go beyond that and there are extra charges.