eSight, the makers of the eSight electronic glasses, is permanently dropping the pricing of its eSight glasses from $10,000 USD to $5,950 USD starting today.

The eSight glasses looks a like a concept straight out of Star Wars, appearing more like a visor than glasses. It’s specifically designed for users with low vision to the point of being legally blind,  without hindering mobility. The 40 per cent price drop will make them accessible to even more people.

The glasses work similar to augmented reality (AR) glasses. A small camera at the front of the glass captures the scene, and an onboard computer enhances the image in real-time and delivers a stream to two monitors inside the glasses.

Unlike VR/AR headsets, however, the eSight electronic glasses don’t cover the wearer’s peripheral vision – an important distinction that enables on-the-go use.

The video stream can be altered to tailor the user’s specific needs. Using the included remote, the camera can be adjusted to provide up to 24 times zoom, optical character recognition, and contrast adjustments. Users can also use the glasses for streaming content as well.

eSight enhances sight for people who have reduced vision due to macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, optic neuropathy, and many other eye impairments. Of course, the result differs based on a case-by-case basis, so interested users should book an appointment to see if the glasses are compatible.

Each purchase includes a backup battery, carrying case, prescription lenses, and cables.

More info is available at eSight.