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Hewlett-Packard Co. recently introduced a new HP OpenView tool for developers using the Eclipse open source framework, which it says simplifies the creation, development and deployment of Internet Usage Manager (IUM) components.The new HP OpenView IUM Component Development Environment, unveiled at the JavaOne show in San Francisco, is aimed at reducing the complexity Eclipse developers face when working in multiple environments, HP said.

Eclipse is an open source community that seeks to establish a platform for software development tools integration. The new tool works with the HP OpenView IUM, which collects systems, network and usage data and automates analysis for functions such as planning, billing and cost allocation.

App dev service aimed at CRM complexity

CRM software provider Inc. is offering a new application development service that it claims will end some of the headache and burden of crafting software for customers. The San Francisco-based company recently announced that it will deliver everything required by software developers directly over the Internet with its new offering, called Sforce.

According to CEO Marc Benioff, customers will have access to the development platform they need, including a database, document manager and calendaring and security tools, without having to invest in or maintain them. Regardless of their physical location, the developers can access Sforce via the Web and use it to extend CRM applications or any third-party vendor’s applications, or to craft their own.

Grooving towards collaborative development

Several companies are fusing collaboration functionality with software and application development toolsets to streamline application development processes that typically span geographically disperse groups of workers. One vendor, Groove Networks Inc. is partnering with LogicLibrary Inc. to integrate Groove’s virtual collaboration software with LogicLibrary’s software development asset mapping and discovery engine. Meanwhile, Yahoo recently inked a deal with BEA Systems Inc. to add IM and presence-awareness capabilities to BEA WebLogic Workshop development environment.

Groove’s Workspace extends the basic chat and discussion tools in LogicLibrary’s Logidex to a rich collaboration environment including video, VoIP (Voice over IP), document sharing, and virtual team workrooms, according to Greg Coticchia, CEO of Pittsburgh-based LogicLibrary.


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