Deep dive into Surface for Windows 8 Pro


This Saturday, Microsoft Corp.’s Surface Pro company-built ultrabook/tablet will hit the shelves in Canada and the United States.

It took some time for the software giant to come up with an answer to tablets from rivals Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. However, the Surface Pro may just be the best machine out of Redmond, Wash., that caters to the wide range of requirements corporate types are looking for in a portable computer.

The device runs Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro touch-focused operating system. It is built around an Intel Core i5 processor that delivers ample power to run intensive CAD-CAM applications. At around two pounds in weight, it is light enough for most mobile workers to carry all day.


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It benefits from the enhanced security features of Windows 8 Pro, but for those who don’t like the new OS the 128GB version has enough space to offer a Windows 7 partition.

The optional keyboard offers impressive accuracy and tactile feedback.

There are some drawbacks though.

The device comes in 64GB and 128GB models. However, the 64GB unit actually has only 23GB of storage available and the 128GB version has about 83GB available — the rest is taken up by system files.

The base price for the device is $899, but if you want more storage capacity you may end up ponying up for another $100. Adding Microsoft’s Touch and Type covers will jack up the price to another $120 and $130 respectively.
Battery life is somewhere around 4.5 to 5 hours .



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