Over the course of 2004, ComputerWorld Canada celebrated its 20th year of reporting on the Canadian information technology industry. To help mark the occasion, ComputerWorld ran several special features throughout the year harkening back to the industry’s earliest days. Here is recap of those featues:

Canadian IT Pioneers
Some are instantly recognizable, others worked mostly in the background, but all those profiled as part of our celebration of Canada’s IT pioneers were vital to the industry’s growth. Click here to read more.

Industry Milestones
Ever heard an IBM sing-along? Did you know the inventor of Basic grabbed a nap when the language was born? Learn this and more in this roundup of interesting stories of IT history. Click here to read more.

Memory Bank
In his special column, Canadian IT industry veteran Bernard Hodson recalls some of the events, trends and people that helped Canada’s technology sector become one of the most vibrant in the world. Click here to read more.