While exploring new fields is common among many on the job hunt in Canada, software engineers and web developers rarely seek new careers, a recent report from Indeed revealed.

The research, published by Indeed economist, Brendon Bernard, measured how often Canadian job seekers consider changing occupations by comparing their most recent work experience, as indicated by job titles on resumes uploaded to Indeed, with the types of positions they click on. 

Seven of the 15 job titles with the lowest out-click rates are in either computers or engineering roles such as mechanical designers. Pay, skills and career outlook all play a role.

“The specialized skills and positive long-term outlook for these occupations mean there’s little reason to look elsewhere,” the report reads. 

Young Canadians looking for careers with bright outlooks that they’ll stick with should consider the tech and healthcare fields, according to the report.

For employers struggling to fill vacant positions, Indeed suggests they can expand their candidate pools to a great extent by widening their focus from experience to applicable skills. 

However, the fact is that the Canadian labour market is in a continuous state of churn and exploring new career options is the norm for most job seekers in the country. 

Hundreds of thousands of people start and end jobs every month, according to Statistics Canada.