A Canadian mobile device security provider is the latest to take advantage of Apple’s program to help enterprises easily provision  groups of iOS and Mac OS devices at a time.

iBoss Network Security said its cloud-based MobileEther moble device management  (MDM) service now links to Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), so administrators using MobileEther can leverage it as well.

DEP is a service available to enterprises who buy iPhones and iPads direct from Apple and need to have them controlled through MDM software. Before DEP was introduced earlier this year, IT administrators had to initially register organization-bought iOS devices individually through iTunes. DEP locks the device into a corporate MDM.

iBoss president Peter Martini said in an interview that  through MobileEther IT administrators can import any number of keys of the devices for registration. A  wizard lets the enterprise set management features such as restricting Wi-Fi, limiting what apps can be installed and other security policies. As with an Apple device when turned on and the Wi-Fi is first engaged it looks for iTunes for registration; when it connects the service identifies the device as par of the DEP and the security policies are installed.

Martini said the advantages of using MobileEther with DEP include out of the box Web security for accurate enforcement and reporting, including automatically re-enrolling devices even if they are reset to factory defaults if a device is stolen.