CACHE Database coming to Mac OS X next year

CACHE Database coming to Mac OS X next year

Published: December 15th, 2002

InterSystems Corp., a provider of database systems, will make its CACHE database available for Mac OS X early next year.

Already used by developers building transaction processing applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms, post-relational CACHE features an object database, as well as robust SQL and a multidimensional database engine, according to Robert Nagle, InterSystems director of software development. According to InterSystems, the product will include:

— Real-time Data Analytics, thanks to new Transactional Bit Map Index technology;

— Built-in support for Web Services, without requiring a separate application server or other complications;

— CACHE is fully compatible with both .NET and Java frameworks for Web Services.

— CACHE Enterprise Java;

— CACHE Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP), a new distributed concurrency engine and support for massive distributed cache memory.

CACHE pricing for Mac OS X is expected to start at US$200 in a single-user version and about US$1,000 for a multi-user configuration.