Published: February 8th, 2001

San Mateo, Calif.-based BakBone Software Inc. recently added NAS (network attached storage) to its flagship back-up and recovery software, NetVault. NetVault 6.03, previously a SAN- (storage area network) specific solution, now uses NDMPs (network data management protocols), and views mixed storage environments as one cohesive network and presents this to network administrators through a single interface, BakBone said. Version 6.03 can now assist IT managers in running critical back-up and recovery tasks across both SAN and NAS storage, which previously required two separate software programs, according to BakBone. Windows 2000/NT and Linux versions of NetVault 6.03 are priced at US$1,000, and Unix configurations are priced at US$3,725. For details, visit the company on the Web at

Toronto-based Xenos, a data to e-content company, recently announced an agreement with IBM Corp. that it says will benefit large organizations who want to transform existing ‘legacy’ data and present it as Web-ready content for e-business. According to the agreement, which is part of IBM’s Software Investment Initiative, Xenos will receive co-marketing funds to market Xenos d2e Platform combined with IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand archiving and retrieval software. Xenos’ d2e Platform is e-business-enabling technology that transforms data and documents for archiving in Content Manager OnDemand, the company said. Output can be re-purposed into e-content formats including HTML, XML and PDF. For details, visit the company’s Web site at

Last month, IBMCorp. launched WebSphere Translation Server in an effort to remove language as a barrier to global communication and e-commerce. According to the company, the IBM WebSphere Translation Server will enable enterprises to provide Web pages, e-mail messages and chat conversations in multiple languages in real-time. WebSphere runs on NT, AIX and Solaris and can translate up to 500 words per second, the company said. WebSphere will be available in March and is priced at US$10,000 per language pair, per processor. For more information, visit

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