Canadian businesses now have a new way of monitoring their energy usage.

US-based smart buildings technology company GridPoint has teamed up with Canadian telecommunications giant Bell to offer smart energy management solutions (EMS) for businesses across the country.

The Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution will be offered “as a service” and fully supported end-to-end by Bell and its network, including the management of devices, applications, and connectivity. Bell will be GridPoint’s exclusive Canadian carrier, saying the partnership will enable businesses “to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs and increase sustainability of assets,” in a July 25 press release.

“Energy costs and environmental management are significant expenses for businesses of all kinds, and Bell is pleased to partner with GridPoint to offer flexible EMS IoT solutions that can be simply integrated into existing building management systems,” continues Nauby Jacob, vice president of products and services for Bell Mobility. “Bell’s EMS portfolio offers a range of turnkey and customizable solutions across all sectors that will help customers achieve their energy management goals.”

GridPoint’s director of strategic partnerships Evan Conley says the company is “excited to welcome Bell” to its growing partner program, adding, “energy management is a core pillar within IoT, and enabling GridPoint’s technology through Bell’s network to its customer base delivers Canada’s best end-to-end service.”

GridPoint’s technology allows customers to automate the control of HVAC and lighting schedules, troubleshoot equipment issues remotely, and gain critical insights into equipment health and performance. The solution “collects and displays data in real-time through a state-of-the-art software platform and mobile application, enabling customers to learn more about their energy patterns and adapt operations to maximize savings.”