Amazon Web Services customers using the Canada (Central) Region can now call upon Lambda and Amazon’s API Gateway, the cloud provider announced on Thursday.

Now available direct from Montreal, Lambda is a compute service that runs code in response to triggers and also automatically manages compute resources. It’s often referred to as the capability to run “serverless code” by developers. It allows triggers to be set for events such as an image upload, or some other application action, website click, or output from a connected device. Users pay for the requests served and the compute time required to execute the code, with billing metered in increments of 100 milliseconds.

The API Gateway is a fully managed service that allows developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs from the AWS Management Console. It can handle up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests, including traffic management, authorization, and access control. It also can tie back to code running on Lambda, accessing it as needed.

AWS opened its Canadian region last year, with data centres based in Montreal. It opened with Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), and Relational Database Service (RDS). In May, AWS brought X-Ray and EC2 Systems Manager to the Great White North. Amazon says that it brings new services to each region based on customer demand.

Having more services offered on Canadian soil will offer local AWS customers better performance and more options for carving out direct connections to these services from their own infrastructure.

For more of an explanation on Lambda, check out this AWS video:

Here’s an example of the API Gateway working with Lambda: