Analyst says companies

Analyst says companies

Published: November 14th, 2007

According to an industry analyst, tech companies are often over-confident about the security of their IT systems, which is, he said, “irrational” and also getting worse.

“This unfounded confidence increased in 2007, even in the face of an increased number of successful security breaches over the same period,” said Dave Senf, director of security and software research at IDC Canada.

Senf’s recent study, “Security in Canada, Part 1: Threats and Countermeasures” reveals that most Canadian companies are unfamiliar with the level and types of security concerns, and do not give enough money or time to improving their understanding or IT defenses.

The report says that it is up to the more well-informed CIOs and IT staff to inform the business side of the company about these risks and the value of comprimisable assets.