Cogito is complete solution for high-quality training data for ai to be used in machine learning for artificial intelligence related various needs. Cogito is involved in Data collection, Data categorization and Data enrichment services for different needs. Cogito also provides various services like, audio video transcription, visual search, content moderation, healthcare training, virtual assistant training, contact center services, image annotation, medical imaging services for healthcare sector and other industries at affordable pricing.

Cogito Provides Following Services:

  • Healthcare Training Data

  • Chatbot Training Data

  • Virtual Assistant Training

  • Contact Center Services

  • Audio Transcription

  • Video Transcription

  • OCR Transcription

  • Visual Search

  • Content Moderation

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Data Collection

  • Data Classification

  • Search Relevance

  • Machine Learning

  • Image Annotation

  • Live Annotation

  • NLP Annotation

  • ADAS Annotation

  • Named Entity Recognition

  • Relationship Extraction NLP

  • Text Classification

  • ML Model Validation Services

  • Hire Machine Learning Engineer

  • Video Labeling Services

Cogito is a pioneer in data collection and classification with image annotation and data labeling for machine learning computer vision. It is providing the right solution for training data set to develop AI-based models work independently without humans. It is involved in gathering of such data from reliable sources and annotates them using the best tool to make it recognizable for machines and computer vision working to develop the models work properly.

Additional Details

  • Company Definition:Large Enterprise
  • Number of Employees: 250-500
  • Corporation Status: Private
  • Estimated Annual Revenue (USD):$0-$1M
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  • Industry: Technology/IT/Software

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