First principles and Zero Trust keys to security going forward

The idea of "first principles" – the breakdown of complicated problems into basic elements – has been around since Aristotle. It has been...

Are you making zero progress on Zero Trust? Here’s how to get started

Organizations should press forward more urgently on adopting Zero Trust because traditional approaches to cybersecurity aren’t working anymore. It’s no longer enough to protect...

Forbes – Cybersecurity when it comes to remote work means zero trust

Forbes’ conversation with Alex Willis, BlackBerry’s vice president, sales engineering and ISV partners, about issues around cybersecurity when it comes to remote work.

Zero trust: Data breach prevention is all about breaking the kill chain

While the FUD factor can help make the case for privileged access management, demonstrating how a breach will be dealt with can convince senior management PAM is worth the investment

Build a Zero Trust network for better security

Network security can no longer assume some packets can be trusted, says Forrester Research. Here's how a new security architecture can be built

PHEMI locks down big data with Zero-Trust tech

PHEMI hopes that baking privacy into its big data products will pay off for users in high regulated industries such as healthcare.

Hashtag Trending – Canadians distrust social media; Super Micro moves production; Amazon’s delivery network dominates

Canadians are leery of social media, but not as much as the U.S., according to a new report, Super Micro is moving production away from China, and Amazon is ready to make one-day shipping the default for Prime members.

Opportunity Knox: More secure, zero-touch enrollment

Think about how IT professionals used to set up and assemble computers: they configured hardware, booted machines, and when prompted, installed the OS and...

Zero-day Windows exploit could come via PowerPoint

Slide show is one way attackers are delivering a file that contains a malicious OLE object

Microsoft confirms ‘nasty’ Windows zero-day bug

Hackers are using Windows shortcut files in conjunction with the Stuxnet malware, according to Microsoft Corp. A Sophos official warns users of USB flash drives

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