The Business Leadership Podcast: Edwin Frondozo, Slingshot VoIP

Do you find yourself checking your email regularly but still need to catch up on email? On this episode, Edwin share's that he was continually...

The Business Leadership Podcast with Edwin Frondozo, Chief Product Officer at Slingshot VoIP

Edwin Frondozo, the Chief Product Officer at Slingshot VoIP and host of the podcast, takes the opportunity to describe how he finds balance when he continually adds new things to his life.

CRTC crackdown on phone fraudsters could snag VoIP calls: analyst

The CRTC is looking at methods to prevent more illegitimate phone calls, but one analyst worries it may go too far.

VoIP solutions provider Axsit sold to WiMac Tel following service breach

The Canadian customer who first issued the complaint that led to the breach has been compensated, according to the Commissioner of Complaints for Telecommunications Services

Flaw in Cisco VoIP phones allows hackers to intercept conversations

A vulnerability in certain Cisco phones could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to listen to the audio stream

Hold the phone: IT execs are starting to foresee VoIP security issues

Avema Corp. brings together a panel discussion about the potential dangers around voice-over-IP in the enterprise

Ottawa firm overhauls VoIP network auditing solution

VoIPShield Systems says IT departments don't realize VoIP can be used for network intrusion

Birthday call: 10 years of VoIP in Canada

A decade ago voice over IP providers began offering service here and changed the telecom industry

Iristel picks Oracle for VoIP support

Canadian voice over Internet protocol carrier, Iristel Inc., has tapped Oracle Corp’s Acme Packet Net-Net Session Director to provide a single platform support for...

Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project

By: John Q. Walker Buy from (February 23, 2004) "Many books contain technical details about VoIP, but few explain in plain language how to make it...

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