Microsoft drops patch support for Vista Service Pack 1

Vista mainstream support ends for good next year. The end-of-support dates follow published Microsoft policies

Microsoft to retire Office XP, Vista SP1

The Redmond, Wash. giant is slated to pull the plug on July 12. Vista users must upgrade to SP2

Microsoft puts Vista ‘behind it,’ says analyst

Brisk Windows 7 sales show Microsoft has can almost forget about its Vista OS, according to an analyst with Technology Business Research. Plus, why Windows 7's rapid growth might not be sustainable

Windows 7 early adoption beats Vista’s 2-to-1

Five months after release, Microsoft's newest OS owns twice the share of Vista at the same point, according to Look deeper inside the numbers

Windows 7 early adoption rate outpaces Vista’s

New OS hits 4 per cent market share; XP loses ground, says Net Applications

Vista PC buyers to get ‘special deals’ on Windows 7 upgrade

Purchase a Vista-equipped PC before the launch of Windows 7 and you could get a special deal on Windows 7 upgrade, according to Microsoft

Microsoft tells companies to kill Vista plans

Companies would be better off dumping Vista deployment plans and shift to Windows 7, according to a Microsoft executive

Vista anti-crack campaign resumes

Microsoft re-launches its program to sniff out pirated software by feeding Windows Vista Ultimate users with and update that targets 'SoftMods'

Microsoft faces $8.5 B penalty in ‘Vista Capable’ case

Microsoft says cost of settlement set by U.S. judge for affected customers could be a 'windfall for millions'

Microsoft tool lets old Windows apps run on Vista

Microsoft's Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), recently released for public beta testing, enables older Windows applications run on Vista through virtualization

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