So-called ransomware cartel is more of a partnership, say researchers

U.S.-based Analyst1 says four gangs share tactics and resources, making them dangerous

Canadian retailer Home Hardware hit by ransomware

The DarkSide group threatens to release data Home Hardware's corporate data this weekend.

Understanding Android Malware Families: ransomware and scareware (Article 3)

Ransomware is malicious software used by individuals to encrypt documents on computers or digital devices.  How they work Perpetrators demand a ransom from the owner of...

Building a successful Disaster Recovery strategy in the age of ransomware

ITWC recently spoke with Dan Hamilton, VP of Technology at Whipcord, about the secret to successful Disaster Recovery in the face of growing cybersecurity...

Cyber Security Today, March 29, 2021 – Ransomware group now threatening customers of victims, ransomware attack could cost company over $20 million and update...

Today's podcast looks at a new tactic of hackers: Threatening customers of victims. Also, a ransomware attack could cost company over $20 million, and update your Apple devices

Cyber Security Today, March 26, 2021 – A new ransomware strain, and FBI ransomware warning and update these WordPress plugins

This podcast looks at several new ransomware reports, the need to update two WordPress plugins, and money to study cybersecurity in the Canadian agriculture sector

Canadian IoT provider Sierra Wireless hit by ransomware

Richmond, B.C.-based Sierra Wireless says it was hit with ransomware on March 20. In a statement this morning, the publicly-traded company said it has halted...

AI the way forward for businesses amid ransomware scourge

Capgemini Research Institute, a respected think tank for everything digital, suggests that companies strengthen their cybersecurity defences with AI. This idea, once in the...

Second ransomware group hitting vulnerable Exchange servers with ProxyLogon flaw

Another ransomware group appears to be taking advantage of the ProxyLogon vulnerability in on-prem Microsoft Exchange servers, giving even more incentive to administrators to patch their installations as soon as possible.

Cyber Security Today, March 22, 2021 – Acer faces huge ransomware demand, prison for sextortion and stay away from a fake Clubhouse app

Today's podcast reports on a ransomware attack on computer manufacturer Acer, a 31-year prison term for a child pornographer and more 

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