How tech can put patients back in the driver seat of their healthcare

Canadian healthcare seems to work in silos, with a severe disparity in communication between the different providers that make up the system. Here's how tech can help.

Turning healthcare challenges into healthcare opportunities

The volume of information created in healthcare is expected to grow faster than in any other sector over the next seven years, leaving healthcare...

Cyber Security Today – Cyberattack numbers for December were bad, stiff privacy fines in Europe and attacks on healthcare sector continue

Today's podcast reports on record cyber attack numbers for December, stiff privacy fines in Europe levied under the GDPR in 2020  and attacks on healthcare sector continue

Global healthcare sector ranks security programs on par with other industries

[Sponsored] Cisco’s 2021 Security Outcomes Study surveyed 4800 active IT, security and privacy professionals from around the world to find out which security practices are working best.

Cyberattack on healthcare is ‘criminal activity that cannot be tolerated’ says Microsoft

At today's Paris Peace Forum, Microsoft and others will call on governments to affirm international law protects healthcare sector

‘Remote access is here to stay,’ healthcare webinar told

When the pandemic ends many in the healthcare sector will continue to work from home, experts say

The digitization of healthcare – Empowering healthcare staff

When thinking of digital transformation in healthcare, many think of a doctor’s expanding toolbox, a game-changing new drug or perhaps some incredible new surgical...

Digital Transformation Week 2020: DX for Halton Healthcare not a one and done deal

For Halton Healthcare, digital transformation is not just one and done.

Ban fax machines in healthcare as part of digital transformation, says expert

COVID pandemic has jumpstarted moves to digital technologies. An Identity North debates what's needed next

Cyber Security Today – Calling for an end to cyberattacks on healthcare, an Android security update, and an alert to Discord users

Today's podcast reports on international calls for an end to cyberattacks on healthcare, an Android security update to watch for  and a malware alert to Discord users

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