Can device management in a BYOD world be simple and secure?

Managing the proliferation of devices in today’s workplace is becoming a lot like herding cats. It’s getting more complicated to provision and secure devices because...

Making the most of a BYOD world

Only a short time ago, organizations struggled with whether or not to allow their employees to use personal devices at work. In today’s digital...

How to solve the BYOD security problem

Bringing your own device to the workplace (BYOD) may be the new normal today, but most enterprises are still grappling with the associated security...

Beyond BYOD: Why enterprise mobility needs to transcend traditional IT

People are an incredibly important aspect of mobile, and the traditional, industrial approach to developing doesn’t necessarily work

Is a BYOD strategy best for business?

What are the pros and cons of a "bring your own device" approach in your enterprise?

Is your BYOD policy working? If not, here’s what can be done

Allowing staff to bring their own devices works if they follow the rules. When they don't CISOs have to act

From BYOD to BYOW: Bringing wearable devices to work

Wearables are not just accessories or gadgets for fashion or fitness, but they actually are productivity tools for getting work done. Glasses, watches and...

The possible link between BYOD policies and IT budget increases

A research report from ESG suggests that offering employees greater device choice puts mobile at the forefront of technology investments

Re-architecting your network to support BYOD

In 2012, the Gartner Group asserted that bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs heralded the most radical shift in enterprise computing since the introduction of the PC....

BYOD: How to drive people-friendly adoption

I recall years ago when my colleagues started bringing their own devices into work. It used to be that computing, particularly laptops, were expensive....

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