Researchers say due to under-reporting, true ransomware figures could be four times as high

As more incidents are revealed experts urge firms to tighten their cybersecurity, particularly the basics

Cyberattack on Florida water treatment plant raises alarms in Canada

A Canadian expert wasn't surprised to hear about the attack through a remote desktop application

Experts say worldwide cost of investigating SolarWinds Orion hack could be in the billions

Experts say the worldwide cost of investigating SolarWinds Orion hack could be in the billions, and Kaspersky finds similarities between Orion backdoor and another created by a different hacker

U.S. agencies say Russia ‘likely’ behind SolarWinds compromise

Four American intelligence and law enforcement agencies say the odds are Russia was behind the hack of SolarWinds' Orion network management platform.

Microsoft AV now blocks applications with malicious SolarWinds binaries

Canadian expert urges Orion users not to disconnect systems and leave networks without protection while investigating

FireEye’s network testing tools were stolen – now what?

This week's admission by FireEye that a suspected nation-state made off with so-called red team test tools it uses to probe customers' networks for vulnerabilities has made some infosec pros uneasy. Here's what you should do right now.

Forbid paying criminals to end ransomware, says cybersecurity vendor

Emsisoft says governnents should ban ransomware payments. Experts we spoke to doubt it will be effective

Cybersecurity in Canada 2019: It was an ‘awesome’ year for attackers

Our annual year in review and look ahead to 2020 finds organizations still making avoidable mistakes

Ransomware gang behind Maze adds threat of publicizing victim info to list of capabilities

The gang behind the Maze ransomware has set up a website that names organizations that refuse to pay. A Canadian security expert explains the ramifications

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Attackers are hungrier than defenders

Why aren't CISOs making progress in cyber security? At the annual awareness month starts a look at some of the biggest publicly reported breaches so far, and possible solutions

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