Ericsson announces partnership with Carleton University to research 5G tech

Ericsson has announced a new multi-year partnership with Carleton University to further advance the school's programs for engineers and computer scientists and generate research in the field of 5G technology.

Carleton and SNC-Lavalin team up to protect critical utility telecom infrastructure

Canada’s only university to offer a communications engineering program has joined forces with one of the country’s biggest engineering and construction firms to protect telecommunication infrastructure that’s critical to the power utility industry.

Carleton University to head international cyber network

Called Global EPIC, the group of academics and incubators wants to raise cyber security to a science to improve protection

Hardware-based keyloggers found on Carleton U computers

Six of the devices were found on PCs used by instructors for displays. Faculty told to change passwords

Carleton University recovering from ransomware attack

University students report ransomware, and IT detects attempt to hack into system. 3,200 workstations affected

Carleton University researchers in a cloud

After years of having to buy their own hardware researchers have access to a hybrid cloud for compute power. Here's now it was done

You’ll never guess what animal the new IoT research chair at Carleton wired up

Cisco Canada is funding a $1.8 million research chair at Carleton University that will focus on the Internet of Things. You won't believe how the chair's holder learned how designing for user needs is really important.


After months of planning, the cloud computing lab at Carleton, sponsored in part by Telus and Huawei, is open to grad students. Find out what six projects have been selected

Telus, Huawei and Carleton U open enterprise cloud lab

In a move that seems to benefit all parties, Telus and Huawei have pledged money, equipment and their own experts' time to help Carleton University found a new enterprise cloud focused research lab

Carleton University offers video on demand

Nearly 3,000 students at Ottawa

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