Broadcom to buy CA Technologies for $19 billion USD

Semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom Inc. is buying New York City-based software firm CA Technologies for $18.9 billion USD, in a bid to create what the former calls "one of the world's leading infrastructure technology companies."

Five IT predictions for 2014 from CA Technologies

A combination of multiple technology trends increasingly being adopted in the enterprise will precipitate an IT skills shortage throughout the next few years, according to CA Technologies.

CA Technologies offers service catalog for enterprises

The catalog will put enterprises and IT staff on the same page, analyst says. How IT can become a broker of cloud servicesrn

New protection in the cloud by CA Technologies

Safely access company data on your smart phone using a single time password

CA Technologies announces new "Cloud Commons" community

During its CA World conference in Las Vegas this week, CA Technologies announced a new "Cloud Commons" community. Paolo Del Nibletto of CDN and...

The genesis of an ethical digital blueprint for the post-pandemic economy | An interview with Danny Lange, SVP of AI at Unity Technologies

We recently chatted with Danny Lange, senior vice president of AI at Unity Technologies to get his thoughts on the role of artificial intelligence in advancing a more ethical blueprint for the post-pandemic economy.

President to President with Kevin Connolly, SVP of Dell Technologies North America medium business

The 2016 mega-acquisition of EMC by Dell Technologies for $67 billion affected 145,000 employees and created the world's largest private IT vendor. Kevin Connolly...

Finding early wins in emerging technologies – CanadianCIO Summit 2018 panel

Hear how Canadian firms are using cutting-edge technologies to fuel business growth. Craig Tavares from Cogeco Peer 1 speaks to using AI to improve...

Time is now for Canada to lead in new wave of broadband technologies

5G wireless infrastructure and new approaches to network applications could be an economic boon for Canada if the public and private sector collaborate now.

Transforming the workplace with document scanning technologies

With the continuing focus on digital transformation in the workplace, why is there still so much paper on our desks? According to The World Counts,...

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