2006 Outsourcing Summit – George J. Atis

George J. Atis is the co-founder of the Summit and a leading outsourcing lawyer in Canada. Mr. Atis is also gaining an international reputation as a trusted outsourcing process advisor, having practiced north and south of the 49th parallel and on both sides of the negotiating table (i.e. “client” and “vendor”). Mr. Atis is also the founder and president of Outsourcing-Canada Inc., a legal service and consulting firm dedicated to advising both clients and vendors in preparing and negotiating complex deals — on a no-nonsense, non-self-serving basis.

He is the publisher of the GJA Outsourcing Tool Kit™, the author of several, internationally renowned articles and presentations on the legal and “legal project-management” aspects of outsourcing deals and a frequently-requested speaker. As a pet project, he is developing an online clearing-house of Canadian outsourcing market information and universally applicable and practical documentary forms and precedents for use by clients and vendors through his Web site: www.outsourcing-canada.ca.