Piracy impedes growth of Philippine software firms

MANILA - Software piracy not only hurts software giants like Microsoft but it also impedes growth of local start-up developers that may not have the resources and financial muscle to protect their products.

Published on: October 22nd, 2008 Helen Andrade-Jimenez

Use of illegal software in HK dropped by 2 per cent

SINGAPORE - The use of pirated software on PCs in Hong Kong declined from 53 per cent in 2006 to 51 percent in 2007, in keeping with a global trend of falling piracy

Published on: May 14th, 2008 Carol Ko


COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEWhile global losses caused by software piracy increased by 15 per cent, in China the overall piracy rate has dropped significantly, according to a recent survey. Incidence of piracy in

Published on: May 15th, 2007

Toronto firm fined for unlicensed software use

COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEThe Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft (CAAST) has got yet another company to pay the price for software piracy. The anti-piracy watchdog yesterday announced a Toronto firm has agreed to

Published on: October 4th, 2006

RIM chief calls for patent reform

The U.S. government is moving in the right direction with its efforts to reform its patent process by making it tougher for companies claiming infringement to get court injunctions, said a top executive

Published on: May 24th, 2006 Grant Gross

Piracy worries plague Sino-US ties

U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez will meet with senior Chinese government officials Tuesday as part of a two-day visit to Beijing focussed largely on protecting intellectual property (IP) rights in China and preparations

Published on: March 28th, 2006 Sumner Lemon

Report looks at Philippines software piracy

Strict monitoring by corporate users of compliance with, rather than government’s enforcement of intellectual property laws, could be a better method of curbing software piracy in The Philippines, according to a report by

Published on: March 14th, 2005 Lawrence Casiraya

Piracy threatens budding Filipino software company

Anino Entertainment is a small, Filipino software development company engaged in developing games for personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mobile phones. The 10-man team comprising Anino has toiled for more than

Published on: December 2nd, 2004 Grace S. Clavecilla

Canadians flying the Jolly Roger

According to the Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft, Canadians are not only software pirates, we're significantly better at it (maybe 'worse at it' is a better way of putting it) than our neighbours

Published on: July 31st, 2004 CIO Canada Staff