Are you helping to get the best from new IT hires?

One of the hardest tasks for IT managers is hiring staff. What combination of technical skills, enthusiasm and experience are needed for each opening? They might take a lesson from the stories of

Published on: July 30th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Fortinet creates new Network Security Expert certification

Fortinet has announced a new technical certification program that allows security professionals to demonstrate expertise on the company's network security products. "We are pleased to unveil the Fortinet Network Security Expert certification, representing a

Published on: July 29th, 2014 Howard Solomon

CIOs should do more on business transformation, says Dell exec

Business process transformation is on the minds of Canadian CIOs but not enough of them are doing something about it, says the head of Dell Inc.'s software division . "Some (CIOs) have accepted

Published on: July 25th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Sexism and IT: Another chapter

The low number of women in information technology careers has been the subject of commentary for decades.  There are various reasons why, some in the industry say: Women just don't go into tech, or those that do

Published on: July 23rd, 2014 Howard Solomon

What’s your organization’s digital IQ?

IT is consuming an increasing amount of an enterprise’s resources, from new applications to boosting network security. Yet, as every CIO knows, some organizations use information technology better than others. PricewaterhouseCooper thinks good

Published on: July 16th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Canadian CIOs need to focus on growth and innovation in 2014

By Suzanne Adnams, Gartner, Inc. CIOs today face a host of digital opportunities and threats, with all industries in all geographies undergoing digital disruption. The strong Canadian economy has provided Canadian organizations with

Published on: July 11th, 2014 Gartner

Why the importance of CIOs is only going to grow

How isolated is the CIO in the executive suite? It's been a question asked for years because there is a sense -- with some empirical evidence to back it up -- that many

Published on: July 2nd, 2014 Howard Solomon

Canadian IT hiring expectations steady for the rest of the year

IT hiring for the rest of the year will likely be as steady as it was at the beginning of 2014, a new survey of Canadian CIOs suggests. According to Robert Half Technology

Published on: June 25th, 2014 Howard Solomon

More layoffs at BlackBerry

It didn't take long for the other shoe to drop after BlackBerry came to a deal last week with the Amazon Appstore to offer 200,000 consumer apps on the company's smart phones when BB

Published on: June 24th, 2014 Howard Solomon