Canadian enterprises have to think beyond desktop: Citrix

If being mobile is the ability to go anywhere and do anything, Citrix Systems Inc.'s global mobility roadshow might be considered the ultimate example. The  one-day conference is making stops in a number

Published on: October 15th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Citrix reassures channel partners with new announcements

Citrix Systems Inc. quickly brought its channel strategy into focus during its conference last week, reinforcing it’s going to keep working with the channel to reach its customers. During its Synergy conference in

Published on: May 13th, 2014 Candice So

Citrix unveils cloud platform for designing mobile workspaces

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Citrix Systems Inc. has announced a new cloud-based platform for its partners and customers, giving them the power to design and build their own mobile workspaces, as well as to

Published on: May 9th, 2014 Candice So

Citrix releases new XenMobile, adds Windows Phone 8 support

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Citrix Systems Inc. has rolled out another version of XenMobile, its solution for managing mobile devices in the enterprises – and this iteration has some new features targeted towards business

Published on: May 9th, 2014 Candice So

Citrix sculpts new mobile suite

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Citrix Systems Inc. has launched a product suite that melds its technologies and services together, which it says allows customers to securely access their files on any device, over any network. It was

Published on: May 7th, 2014 Candice So

Citrix makes pitch for business Chromebook users

With an increasing number of applications being run from browsers, Google created Chromebooks as another way to wean users off the Windows platform. Sales of the small laptops made by Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Dell,

Published on: April 11th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Citrix tweaks XenMobile MDM suite

Citrix Systems has added new security and feature enhancements to its XenMobile mobile device management suite for smart phones, tablets and mobile apps. The company said Thursday that the update to version 8.7

Published on: March 13th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Hangout with head of Citrix Canada

Citrix Systems started modestly in 1989 by a former IBM developer. Since then it has grown from a supplier of remote desktop applications to one with a portfolio of open source-based solutions including

Published on: March 7th, 2014 Howard Solomon

Inside cloud sharing services

The cloud has a way of sneaking up on enterprises and biting them.For all of the convenience of doing things online, cloud computing often causes IT managers to shiver.Take personal file sharing services

Published on: August 6th, 2013 Howard Solomon