Your future phone

Just basking in the afterglow of having bullied my cell carrier into a better rate and a better phone by threatening to go to the competition … Web surfing, streaming audio and TV, built-in camera (another excuse to keep me out of the gym).

In three to five years time when I’m ready for a new cell phone (provided, of course, this one doesn’t somehow end up in the toilet or washing machine, what will it look like? What functionality will it have? Research firm In-Stat has been looking into that question.

We caught up with principal analyst David Chamberlain for a podcast interview, wherein he outlined the four major factors that’ll influence mobile devlopment over the next five years. I won’t spoil the podcast for you, but the factor that I found most interesting was corporate commitment to mobile handsets. Companies, Chamberlain says, have been piggy-backing on their employees’ consumer mobile use, and the technology has been trickling into the enterprise that way. Chamberlain sees more companies taking the intiative and buying the new technology themselves.

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