IT’S COMMON COURTESY NOT — I’m sorry, it’s common courtesy not to shout at co-workers, however intellectually- and work-ethic-impaired they may be. Get in the habit of starting screaming matches around the office, and you’re likely to be shown the door.
Since ALL CAPS text is, in terms of netiquette, generally taken as shouting, should the same apply to THOSE WHO SEND ANNOYING E-MAIL MESSAGES????
One company in New Zealand apparently thought so. ProCare Health FIRED financial controller Vicki Walker because, according to the company, she caused DISHARMONY IN THE OFFICE by using ALL CAPS, BOLD TYPE and RED TEXT in e-mail messages, reports The New Zealand Herald. ProCare called the messages “confrontational.”
New Zealand’s Employment Relations Authority disagreed, awarding Walker NZ$17,000 — about $13,000 Canadian — for wrongful dismissal. Walker is now a crusader for greater protection of white collar workers who send REALLY ANNOYING E-MAIL MESSAGES.

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