Why not use this idea to generate revenue?
  1. “Chicago's new 872 area code brings much reprogramming for cell phone users” says the Chicago Tribune.
  2. I am recovering from heart palpitations brought on by one of my clients scooting off-shore to some 289 Area code. Bahamas? Channel Islands? Nope. Same boring old Toronto.
  3. If you ask BELL if they would like more money they always reply “Yes”. I know, because right now they just can’t get enough of mine.
  4. Sixty percent of the organizations in my contacts data base have a fax number – and I haven’t unpacked my fax machine since my move over two years ago.
  • Toss all that in the microwave and what have you got?

A potential revenue-generating scheme that would free up numbers in the original area code across {Your favorite city here} for use by those desperate enough to pay a premium.

Companies that relinquish their fax number get a credit in cash, or double the amount offset off their phone bill (saves BELL the cost of issuing a cheque).

Lawyers and real estate folks are exempt from this deal on two counts: (1) in my mind they both make way too much money off innocent folks and (2) they appear to be unable to function without generating reams of graphically-challenged text material.

Companies that want a new service in the original area code will pay a premium; they already spent money on vanity plates for their cars. We know that they will pay a premium.

And me?

For dreaming up this idea I’ll be content with one percent of the gross revenue, thanks.

And you?

  • Check your own contacts database.
  • What percentage of your contacts have a fax number?
  • And when was the last time you faxed them anything?

(Update Wed April 14 2010: CRTC adds a ‘365’ area code to the burgeoning ’burbs)

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