Why Not Use this Idea to Generate Revenue? (part 3)

(see Why not use this idea to generate revenue?)

Here I am standing in front of a class that I’ve scheduled. Training Centres of Canada are my hosts. Eight invited attendees are keying away, I am gazing out at the backs of 24 flat-screen LCD monitors atop the desks, and occasionally walking around, between the aisles, to see what problems face the students when it hits me:

Whoever first makes a flat-screen monitor with two screens – one at the “front” and one at the “back” will corner the market in classroom sales.

(Yes, class-room training is alive and well!)

What a time-saver it would be, and less embarrassing to the student, if the facilitator could glance at the “back” of the monitor and see in a flash that Esmerelda is still in the Visual Basic Editor, and just needs to Alt-Tab …

Seems to me there is no extra circuitry.

It ought to be a matter of an extra layer of glass, plasma, liquid crystal or what-have-you.

Plus a few extra soldered connections; a slightly stronger power unit.

Could be quite a drawing-card for the schools, too.

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