Want to play the Showcase Showdown without turning on the tube?

priceisright-2.jpgFor more than a generation, The Price is Right was the ideal show for people who did not work during the day and liked to watch commercials disguised as a game show where people speculate on the retail prices of cars, couches and other high-ticket items.

But what happens when you get a job and can afford the cars and furniture contestants typically win on the show, but don’t actually have time to watch it?

Well, a Canadian vendor has the game for you. Montreal-based Ludia Inc. has released a downloadable version of The Price is Right. It comes with both single player and party mode, which lets up to four players compete, with the winner determined by the total value of the prizes won.

This game lets players bid on items in 16 different games, including Plinko, Cliff Hanger, Punch-a-Bunch and Hole in One. And, just like on the TV show, contestants can spin The Big Wheel.

Ludia claims it has authentic theme music and game sounds.

But can you really get the same experience playing a game? Can it really be authentic, without an overly-enthusiastic guest falling on his or her keister after spinning The Big Wheel? What about the authenticity of watching people nearly crush the host with a bear hug after winning patio table and lawn chair set? One wonders if you can get a genuine TV experience with a downloadable game.

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