Staying after work is tiring, but a lot of people feel the need to do so to meet their deadlines. Overtime can also cost a company a lot of money if it has to pay employees for time-and-a-half.
Redcort Software created new software to eliminate overtime from the workplace, called Virtual TimeClock '11. The software allows employers to virtually restrict clock in and out times for employees. With the software employers can also see who arrived late and see a shift report. Companies can also use a single server version of the software at multiple facilities.
This software is not entirely new; in fact, it has been around since 1986 . However, this is the only version with overtime control features like the ability of to prevent workers from clocking in early. There is also a new automatic clock out feature. Some other new features include assigning shifts to workers' schedules, creating late arrival reports and making shift reports. 
Virtual TimeClock '11 costs about $99.00. A free trial is available at
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