Teaching staff to fish

This week's resource selections covers staff development, effective communications, risk, and auditing security.


Today’s security professional should be knowledgeable in all of these subjects and today’s resources will fast-track your understanding.  


Have another great weekend.


– Dan Swanson


Management Matters with Mike Myatt: Teach Them to Fish
Do you feed your employees, or do you teach them how to fish? Do you like to swoop in and save the day? Do you see yourself as the white knight that can solve any problem or challenge?


The Seven Crucial Conversations in Healthcare

All too often, well-intentioned people in healthcare institutions choose not to speak
up when they’re concerned with behavior, decisions, or actions of a colleague.


Management Matters with Mike Myatt: Dealing with 'Corporate Crazies'
You can run, but regrettably you cannot seem to hide from the “corporate crazies.” Over the years, I've simply come to a conclusion that many otherwise savvy business people have yet to grasp; you can’t argue with crazy.


Bringing Back Best Practices in Risk Management Banks’ Three Lines Of Defense


Frequently Avoided Questions about IT auditing
The FAQ explains IT auditing to someone with limited prior knowledge of the topic (a.k.a. the Clueless But Interested). Reading the whole FAQ will give you a good overview of the whole subject and should help put it into context but don’t feel too embarrassed about being bored stiff by the tenth line (or earlier if you are a quick reader). It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


ISO 27001 Security
The ISO/IEC 27000-series numbering (“ISO27k”) has been reserved for a family of information security management standards derived from British Standard BS 7799. 


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