Strangest Sites in Google Street Views

Just noticed an article that shows a number of items that Google Street Views picked up.  Its a PCWorld Canada slide show.  Quite interesting!

It sure makes you wonder what the world is coming to.  I canactually see my patio using Google Maps.  Where would we be if thatwere live video?

So, are these capabilities this a good thing?  Imagine thepossibilities for those who cannot travel physically to some of thelocations.  Are we headed towards electronic worldvision?  See anythingalmost anytime?

But, what about the invasion of privacy as illustrated by thearticle?  Should you be able to remove yourself from view, just likeyou can invoke security in Facebook?

What are the ways that a criminal or terrorist could make use ofthese new sources of information?  I would expect some very inventiveminds out there!

As always, food for thought.  Or at least for a laugh if nothing else!  When will the reality comedy shows be starting?

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