Social networking and unlimited P2P file sharing shake hands on GigaTribe

GigaTribe is a free, encrypted and private P2Psoftware community that limits file sharing to GigaTribe users who arepart of your own self-governed network.

To use GigaTribe, you must first download and install the software.Then you need to convince your friends, family, co-workers, etc. to dothe same. You can’t exceed 1000 contacts. There are no file size,uploading or downloading limits.

The basic service is free to use, but GigaTribesells an upgrade version for US$29.95 per year that adds remote accessto your hard drive, unlimited simultaneous downloads andpassword-protected folders. The software is currently Windows-only. AMac version is scheduled for release in September.

To make it easier for users to expand their personal “tribes,” a new GigaTribe Inviter Toolwill automatically invite friends from other social networking accounts– Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr – to use GigaTribe’s service. TheInviter Tool also works with Web-based email accounts Yahoo!, Gmail andWindows Live.

GigaTribe has a social networking strategy and isplanning to release GigaTribe software applications embedded withinother social networks. “People browsing your profile will discover thatyou’re sharing large files of videos, photos, etc., increasing yourfriend’s interest in you and your profile,” states a company pressrelease.

While the service is handy for sharing personalvideos that are too large for e-mail or social networking profiles, italso provides small businesses the opportunity to set up a no-costVirtual Private Network for co-workers and clients.

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