Shift back to permanent IT workers?

New StatsCan data shows that about 1.8 million Canadiansworked some type of temporary job in 2009, which accounted for 12.5 per cent ofall employment during the year.

The study also found that 52 per cent, or nearly 1 million,of these temp jobs were contract positions. And from 2005 to 2009, the rate ofcontract workers has been increasing when compared to the pool of temp jobs.

As we all know, contract workers have been a staple of theIT sector — whether it’s a consultant for a new technology implementation orsimply an extra pair of hands around the office.

But according to a recent Sapphire/IBM study, IT might notbe driving the country’s contract worker boom for very long. The report, whichpolled close to 300 top-level business decision makers, found that demand forpermanent employees is actually increasing.

Of companies planning to increase IT staff, 43 per centexpect to boost permanent hiring over the next 12 months. Only 20 per cent saythey plan to exclusively hire contract workers, while 34 per cent said theyplan to hire a mix of both.

I’m surprised at the data, but then again, IT did buck thetrend during the economic recession when spending for many areas (such assecurity) remained static while other business departments experienced seriouscutbacks.

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