Setting up an audit shop

This week’s resource selections combines information security resourceswith leading internal audit and vendor assessment guidance.

Have another great week.

Dan Swanson

1. EDPACSNowin its 37th year, EDPACS is the world's longest running IT Auditnewsletter. Published monthly, the newsletter supports the audit andcontrol community with highly-regarded guidance in the fields of audit,control, and security. In addition, EDPACS regularly explores current and emergingissues around IT governance.

2. Guide for Security Authorization of Federal Information Systems: A Security Lifecycle Approach NIST,in cooperation with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence(ODNI), the Department of Defense (DOD), and the Committee on NationalSecurity Systems (CNSS), announced the completion of an interagencyproject to develop acommon process to authorize federal information systems foroperation.

3. BITS This organization was createdin 1996 to foster the growth and development of electronic financialservices and e-commerce for the benefit of financial institutions andtheir customers. A division of The Financial Services Roundtable, BITSworks to sustain consumer confidence and trust by ensuring thesecurity, privacy and integrity of financial transactions.

4. Shared Assessments: Getting Started for Financial Institutions AStep-by-StepGuide to Integrating Shared Assessments into Your VendorManagement Program.

5. Quality Assessment Manual, 6th Edition This manual an update and expansion of the Quality AssessmentManual, 5th Edition v1.1, published by The Institute of InternalAuditors Research Foundation in 2006.

6. Establishing an Internal Audit ShopHaveyou ever been asked to set up a new internal audit department? Thefollowing suggestions and resources will help you get started.

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