Project Management News From The Past Week: September 2nd 2010

Hi Everybody:

Here is my selection of items which have appeared onlineover the past week on project management that I have found of interest. I hopethat you will too. Comments are always welcome.


New Report from Forrester on Agile Project Management

56 % of the respondents to Forrester’s survey use agile oriterative methodologies in software development:


How to Talk To A Boss Who Has Weighed You Down With Too ManyProjects

Interesting article from the Washington Post:


Boeing 787 Delayed Again?

On August 26th Boeing announced further delays inthe delivery of its newest plane. This article looks in depth at the issuesthat have created this project delay:–50270.html


How To Manage Global Projects With Remote Resources

Discusses how to effectively coordinate global projects:


Failure To Implement ERP Properly Still a Big Danger

“The most common reason people fail with these projects isinsufficient project management. Businesses treat it like an IT project , whichit isn’t.”:


A Disconnect in Federal IT Strategy in the US

Survey of US government IT priorities shows that there is agap between US IT policy and its implementation:


Project Management Issues in 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games

Despite government assurances, the Games, dubbed the bestand most environmentally friendly ever, will go ahead as planned. Uncertainty overthe quality of the venues, the level of security in the city and the apparentlack of phased planning and project management has cast a shadow over theevent:




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