Project Management News From The Past Week November 7th 2010

Hi Everybody:

Here is my selection of project management items that haveappeared on the internet in the past week:


How To Become aProject Manager

Useful guide to what it takes:


Boosting Your Timeand Project Management Skills

Says project management is all about people skills:


How To Say No

Good advice for project managers on something that can bedifficult:


NegotiationStrategies for IT Project Managers

Helpful practical tips on project negotiations – not justfor IT project managers:


Issues and Challengesof Scandinavian Software Development Outsourcing

May be of interest to many of you IT folks – major study:


Product Review:Better Means, a Democratic, Open Approach To Teamwork

From TNW and worth a look:


IT Skills: Firms MustWarm to Training Even in a Cold Economic Climate

Including project management skills:


Podcast: SuccessfulIT Management relies on Right People in Right Jobs

From Federal News Radio:


The Buck Stops WithProgram Managers

Argues for greater accountability and empowerment:


Why IT Metrics Are LikePiecrust

Tips on creating effective metrics for It projects:



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