Project Management News From The Past Week: May 15th 2011

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Hi Everyone:

Here is my selection of project management items that haveappeared on the internet over the past week:

California AuditorSlams Management of $43B High-Speed Rail Project

Says the mega project is unlikely to succeed unless thestate legislature intervenes:


New BrunswickGovernment Orders Review of Contracts To Develop E-Health System

Internal audit detected possible conflicts of interest withprojects:


Indicted ProjectManager Received Gifts From Another Firm

Sarasota County project manager accepted $200 in gifts:


Microsoft Project2010 – Top Ten Features

Useful review:


Accountability inProject Management

Integrated project teams analysed:


The Perils of SlipshodProject Management

Involvement of SMEs:


Three Ways to Get aBigger Bang For Your IT Buck

Getting maximum results from innovative IT investments is anart:


Saying No To The Boss

Managers must encourage loyal opposition:


Millions Blown inCorrupt IT Tender

Five senior officials due to be arrested in South Africa:


10 Tips: Have a GreatProject Meeting

How to conduct better meetings:


CIO’s Approach ToInnovation is on The Frontlines of Business

William K Wray is not exactly technology averse:



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