Project Management News From The Past Week: February 16th 2011

Hi Everyone:

Here is my selection of items that have appeared on theinternet ion project management in the past week. Please respond to this postwith comments or suggestions for future blog content:


California CourtsComputer System Overhaul is a Disaster

Original development project amended 102 times:


The Internet andGlobal Project Management: It’s Complicated

Wipe clear any notions of superiority that you might hold:


New ProjectManagement App For Freelance Designers

Described by Mashable reviewer as Gorgeous:


Desperate CIO FindsIT Project Portfolio Management Tools in the Cloud

Discusses pros and cons of a cloud based project portfoliomanagement tool:,289142,sid183_gci1527573,00.html


Tips To Prevent ‘CookedLobster’ IT Failures

Tips to help prevent your project from “failing like a lobsterdropped into boiling water”:


Why Ireland Needs ToGet Switched on to Tech Careers

Argues job opportunities are substantial if country acts:


Scientific MethodApplied To IT Management

Article argues that methods Frederick W. Taylor be applied today:


Public ProjectsObscured By Private Finance (UK)

Critique of the Private Finance Initiative in the UK:



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